In 1743, Lurgan Township became the second local governmental entity in the western part of the Cumberland Valley.  Since then, Lurgan Township remains as it is today.
Some of its early land titles can be traced to Lancaster County which had jurisdiction over the valley before Cumberland County was established in 1750.  Lurgan can be traced to northern Ireland and early land owners carried familiar Scotch-Irish names that were typical of the colonial period.
The Pomeroys were prominent early settlers in the area.  Others included such families as the McAllisters, Leephars, Coles, Reynolds, Jones, Hastings, MacClays, McIntires, Clark, Rippeys, Peebles, Scotts, Culbertsons, and others of Scotchs origin.
During the Indian Wars people of the entire frontier, including those of Lurgan, lived in constant fear of attack.  

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The History of
 Lurgan Township